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Laika Press

Prints for all!

Laika Press is a community non-profit print shop in Reno, NV. focused on increasing availability and education of printmaking in the area. We made a logo for them with the likeness of Laika, the soviet space dog. 

Brand Bible

Check them out at laikapress.org

Supplemental Work

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The Eye of the Serpant

One of the most amazing things that branding can do is show you exactly what a brand is about in one moment. This is made intersting with a brand like cuft, which was designed to have multiple diffrent marks with a singuler purpose. There was one mark: the eye, with many variants.

Brian Landrus

This is a design for the Laughing Planet, a resturant with locaitions in Reno, NV and several parts of Oregon.  
The print was made for a show put on by The Planet with Brian Landrus.

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Carol Z. Curry

Carol Curry is a yoga instructor who has been trained by some of the foremost authorities in the Ashtanga discipline of yoga. carolzcurry.com.
The logo was illustraited by Reno’s own Ron Rash. A very talented artist, you can find his work here: ronrash.com.