Update: May 21, 2020

Update: May 10, 2020

Update: May 3, 2020
Just like the rest of the world, Dad Country is on indefinante hiatus. Howeve I/we still well be making playlists, probably.

Update: April 2, 2020

Update: January 27, 2020
Dad Country is brought to you by your uncles burnt out “project truck”.

Update: January 20, 2020
We’re done! That’s all folks. Dad Country has aired it’s last show (#109). I’ll post the playlist here, but we probably won’t here the aired version.

Update: January 13, 2020
In the past couple if weeks I have made a couple of mistakes reguarding the show. We’ll do better moving forward.

Update: January 7, 2020

Update: December 25, 2019
Happy Holidays from Dad Country. The probability of the Holiday episode of the show being actually released are slim. Due to the issues we had during recording. (1) Jake was out of town on the recording day, and called in. But was unable to dedicate enough time to get the dialouge fleshed out...so it isn’t. (2) Elijah edited it solo, filling in some soundbites that Jake had prerecorded. This happens. I don’t know that KWNK really wants to touch this episode; and honestly, that’s fair. Anyway, here it is. Sorry it’s a dropbox link, that is the best I can do right now.

Update: December 17, 2019
Dad Country well now be hosted on Soundcloud, until I can find a bettter hosting option. I dispise KWNK’s Mixcloud, as it destroys my computer momentaraly while I try to navigate it. So, I am hosting on Soundcloud now, because I find it more stable. Also we now have a logo. Also, the holiday episode well be relesaed after the holidays, if at all this year. Finally the current state of audio hosting is: I hate all of them. So all episodes of Dad Country (excluding the latest two at any given moment) well be available upon request. Please email elijah@lyonsworldwide.com.
Update - Dad Country well now be hosted on Anchor, until I find something wrong with it.

Update: December 10, 2019
PSA - I am sorry.
Dad country fostered a toxic enviroment albeit accedentaly, still this is not accenptable. I well personally try my best to do better moving forward. Dad country is primaraly a joke show, a project that I am involved in to excersise my musical thoughts in a new way, and to try to learn something new based on something that I hold very dear. So I well do my best to try to bring new and exciting voices into this enviroment.